unspecified-1YORK Athletics Mfg. is blazing a new trail in the wellness space with one performance trainer at a time. They believe that a ‘fighting mindset’ is beneficial to living a more fulfilling and healthy life. This is a brand speaking to the self-motivated individuals who are committed to achieving balance & purpose in their lives. For these dedicated few, YORK Athletics aims to provide them with understated and credible training footwear & accessories. They bring a refreshing perspective to the performance space by focusing on individuality and not brand recognition or publicity. They’re calling on the lone wolves, the underdogs, and the fighters to join their family. The inspiring stories of the YORK Athletics Mfg. family can be found on the Out of Step journal. They are a proud partner of the Rock On Foundation and together are working to improve the lives of today’s youth through athletics, art & music programs in local communities across the United States.


YORK Athletics Mfg. is a 3rd generation family owned business from Boston and has been outfitting athletes since 1946. Originally founded as Indian Head Athletics by Henry Spaulding, the Manchester, NH-based brand was once a strong player in the performance footwear industry and continues to operate as an athletic retailer today. Notably, they made custom high top cleats for NFL Hall-of-Famer Johnny Unitas and played an important role in developing one of the first turf shoes for sport. It was over beers that Mark and friend, Travis York, formed the original concept for the brand and are now operating the company with the same values created by Travis’s grandfather Henry. (we named the first model of footwear after him, The Henry)


In its 3rd iteration, YORK Athletics Mfg. is leading the charge as a new D2C footwear brand and business model within the performance space which has been previously dominated by wholesalers dictating the buying habits and consumer trends. They’re on a mission to disrupt and celebrate a direct line with their consumer to further strengthen and evolve the brand and product line.

Find out more at www.yorkathleticsmfg.com

Images by Paulsta Wong 


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