This week’s review is short and sweet because I think pre-made trail mix is the biggest waste of grocery money, unless you are going on an actual trail like I recently did. 

You should have a number of these ingredients in your kitchen to begin with so what’s the hassle of throwing them together in a bag? Especially when you likely want more of one particular ingredient that they don’t put enough of…for me it’s usually chocolate and cashews.

On the other hand, I sometimes can’t or don’t want to make it, so I buy it. As I write this, a pre-made bag of trailmix is waiting for my 8am flight in a few hours, so it’s good to find out your faves.

The best trail mix has the delicious blend of salt, sweet, fat and protein, because on a trail, that’s what you need delicious macro and micronutrients made to sustain. For folks with nut allergies, there are tons of seeds to choose from, including pumpkin which is a great source of complete protein.

Below is my ranking from most to least favorite for flavor. Check out the clip below for my full unfiltered and unbiased review of Malibu Trail Mix, Sunfood and Essential Living Foods brands.

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Since most of us aren’t walking actual trails (Oregon or otherwise), let’s think airports and road trips. Since salad selections can be slim, consider brining trail mix to add to a weak salad, bonus points if you bring a TSA approved bottle of dressing. Both are an easy way to enjoy your trip more without lugging tons of stuff through security.


Essential Living Foods

PRODUCT NAME: Essential Living Foods: Superberry Symphony

Tagline : “From the source”

First 3 ingredients: cashew, goji berry, mulberry

Tastes like ... sweet + salty trail mix!

Would go great...over salads in need of a boost

Essential Living Foods

Malibu Trail Mix

PRODUCT NAME: Malibu Trail Mix

Tagline: "Love is our ingredient"

First 3 ingredients: Cashews, Goji Berries, Brazil nuts

Tastes like ... berry butter

Would go great...over cereal in need of a protein boost

Malibu Trail Mix


PRODUCT NAME: Sunfood Berry Adventure

Tagline: "The Sunfood Difference”

First 3 ingredients: Cashew, goji berry

Tastes like ...cashews with a few berries

Would go great...blended into a smoothie



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