Well-Ranked: Plant Milk

From beans to nuts to seeds and of course rice, plant milks are popping up with a variety of tastes, textures and types of nutrition. Some brands offer minimal ingredients while others add on various gums, oils and stabilizers for better mouthfeel or shelf life. What you prefer will ultimately depend on function. Are you looking for a protein packed shake base or simply something cold and creamy to dip your cookies in?

Either way, as always, check your labels, choose your battles or follow this easy recipe to make your own plant milk.

Below is my ranking from most to least favorite in flavor. Check out the clip below for my unfiltered and unbiased reviews of Malk, Pacific Foods Hemp and Ripple plant milk brands.

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BONUS FACT:  Only 2% of almond milk is almonds.

Malk Almond Mlik

PRODUCT NAME: Malk Almond Milk

Tagline : “No artificial anything"

Top 3 ingredients: Sprouted Almonds, Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water (the only ingredients!)

Tastes like ... Actual Almonds

Would go great with ... Alone, served super cold (no ice)

Pacific Foods Hemp Milk

Tagline: "Something for Every Body"

Top 3 ingredients: Hempseeds, Water, Brown Rice Syrup

Tastes like ... Hempseeds (duh)

Would go great with ... Cereal

Pacific Foods

Ripple Pea Milk

Tagline: "Dairy-free, as it should be"

Top 3 ingredients: Water, pea protein, sunflower oil

Tastes like ... dairy milk...well, very close

Would go great with ...cookies and cake!

Ripple Pea Milk

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