Well-Ranked: Gluten-free Chips

SNACK ATTACK! From a tortilla chip with a tropical twist to a chickpea “cheezy-poof” this week’s well-ranked crunches on a few plant-based and gluten-free chips.

The market for gluten-free chips is growing with new textures and flavors from foods like beans, rice and coconut. Although most brands (healthy or not) still can’t shake sketchy ingredients like canola oil and malodextrin, the big problems like trans fat and artificial colors and flavors are eliminated.

As always, check your labels and choose your battles. Or stick to trail mix 😉

Below is my ranking from most to least favorite for flavor. Check out the clip below for my full unfiltered and unbiased review of Beanfields, The Real Coconut and Hippeas brands.

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BONUS FACT: That extra space in your bag of chips is called slack fill. Packaging engineers have discovered that it is important to have slack fill in the chips bags are protected from the damage of rough handling during the shipping process. The slack fill which is also composed of nitrogen, (which also keeps it fresh) gives an air cushion preventing chips from becoming crumbs.
Beanfields Nacho Chips

PRODUCT NAME: Beanfields Nacho Chips

Tagline : “It's ok to snack again”

First 3 ingredients: Black Beans, Navy Beans, Brown Rice

Tastes like ... Doritos!

Would go great with ... Guac or Sour Cream


Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar

Tagline: "We don't follow the rest of the snack pack."

First 3 ingredients: Chickpea flour, rice flour, sunflower oil

Tastes like ... classic cheezy poofs with a sour cream twist

Would go great with ...nothing...or crunched over a salad, crouton-style


The Real Coconut Tortilla Chips

Tagline: "Birthed on the stunning beaches of Tulum, Mexico"

First 3 ingredients: Coconut flour, cassava starch, coconut oil

Tastes like ...coconut flavored potatoes

Would go great with ...a flavored dip

The Real Coconut

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