Not the first and likely not the last, Indonesian based Sportswear brand Volt & Fast is back with another run on the urban running lifestyle.

Their latest capsule collection reflects the City of Lights. This time they decided to team up for a collaborative project with Denis Mercier, aka Fantôme, a Parisian designer and runner well known in the urban running scene, the collection is called TRAFIQUĒ en FRANCE, and it consists of Easy Run Tees, Warm Up Sweatshirts, and Sport Caps. The starting point, a desire of getting the running apparel out of its ghetto by mixing Running culture with Surf culture, Punk culture, Media & Records labels. Using Bootleg as the tools of the trade.

The lookbook was taken by Jérémy Estève, photographer and founder of JRM Digital and also a well-known urban runner. With his POST NO BILLS approach, Jérémy has chosen to associate models printed on posters with emblematic Paris city playgrounds through a vandal but much appropriate way to address our audience thanks to wild postering, stencils, tags and propaganda like “Visibility! Forever!” echoing Alan Moore’s “Freedom! forever!”

As for the products itself, Volt & Fast keep their products in the same level of detail and quality as it was before. The cotton spandex fabric made the T-shirt highly absorbent, which is perfect for that day to day running life. The hats are made from packable lightweight material, while the crewneck sweater keeps you in comfort thanks to the lightweight fabric. And let’s not forget their signature touch, all the screen- printed designs are reflective, guaranteed to keep you visible on your urban night run.

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