Tashell Mitchell

Using Running As Therapy with Tashell Mitchell

I go run, it’s my free therapy!

The beach is my sacred place.

Life gets me up in the morning.

My current goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2018!



Tashell Mitchell is training for the Virgin Sport Half in October and using running to reach people. Read up on how this running junkie has raced to this point and what she’s going next.

I committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle a three and a half years ago. I was tired of waking up feeling like crap every day. The lack of energy, confidence, and self-love…it was time to change that and become the best version of me! I started hitting the gym five times a week, meal prepping and drinking lots and lots of h20 lol. About a year later, I added running into my daily routine. My goal was simply to lean out for modeling. That simple goal led me to my Monday night running family @blacklistla. Those fun Monday night runs eventually led me to run 26.2 miles! The rest is pretty much history! Now I’m the “crazy” running girl who challenges any and everybody who says “I can’t run a marathon”, to run a marathon with me!
You have to run after what you want in life, because it sure as hell isn’t going to chase you!
Life! I reflect a lot on my life, where I am now, where I want to be, and how I can get there. A lot of random ideas run through my mind when I run, it’s the time when I’m most motivated and inspired. I purposefully run in neighborhoods with my dream homes, as a manifestation mechanism.


Train with us.
provigil modafinil buy online uk MONDAY: 2-mile
warm up, 14 x 400 meters
at 3K pace w/2:00 rest
between intervals, 1-mile
buy Tastylia online without prescription TUESDAY: Core
http://sullivanbrospainting.com/portfolio/commercial-painting WEDNESDAY: Yoga
THURSDAY: 2-mile warmup, 3 x 2
miles at goal 1/2 marathon
race pace with 3:00
rest between intervals,
1-mile cooldown
FRIDAY: 3 miles
SATURDAY: 10 miles

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