UNDOMAG launches in New York and Los Angeles


We launched another issue of UNDOMAG in two of our favorite cities, New York and Los Angeles. So much has gone on over the past month that we have barely had to time to slow down to give a proper recap. First off, NY always shows up and all the way out. We packed Canal St. Market with hundreds of friends looking for long-overdue hugs and to get their hands on the new goodness. This issue we decided to downsize our launch event for the sake of keeping money in our pockets. These magazines aren’t cheap. We usually go overboard with our experiences, offering drinks and a club-like atmospheres to keep the party hyped. This time we chose to bring everyone into a communal space with other attractions beyond our party, just so we could have time and space to talk to everyone. Our foundation is built on this budding community and we these engagements seriously. Ain’t nobody got time to be screaming over loud music anymore.



We kept that chill vibe going for our launch event in LA at Wild Living Foods. Probably one of the most low-key experiences we have had in a while but it was the most intimate because we were eating and laughing together. Thrilled to have both Wild Living and Office Magazine as stockists for the new issue and partners is building community around people who do. Want to contribute to the next issue of UNDOMAG? Check back to our submissions page on June 1st t for all criteria and guidelines.

We definitely want to hear from you.



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