Ryan De La Cruz is running the Virgin Sport Half Marathon in San Francisco with UNDO. A native of the Bay Area, he and his friends uprooted and planted seeds in Los Angeles to build the culture craze that is 40s and Shorties. One would consider that a brand snuggled within the quarters of sex, drugs, and 15-sec pop culture would live an applicable lifestyle to meet the needs. This is not the case with DLC as he does everything out of the ordinary to keep sanity amongst the chaos.

“Hike Stairway to Heaven, Drive a Ferrari, Train for a Muay Thai Fight.”

Check out this Q+A with Ryan De La Cruz and train with us as we get ready for the Virgin Sport.

How many races have you completed?


Do you plan on changing any habits while training?


Do you have a time goal and, if so, what is it?


How has the change in the fitness world impacted your life?

Fitness is easy to access now. You can download an app that will have you training at a local gym within an hour. Most gyms will give you a free trial too.

Tell us a little about your fitness journey.

I started basic weightlifting in high school, kept on until my early 20s. Started running a lot in my early to mid-20s, until I found HIIT in my late 20s, and that’s primarily how I train now. Lots of kettlebells and sprints.

What are some of your fitness goals?

To get faster, stronger, and leaner every day.

Name 3 things that you want to try before you die.

Hike Stairway to Heaven, Drive a Ferrari, Train for a Muay Thai Fight.

Name 3 songs that give you life.

GoldLink – Crew // Flume – Sleepless // Jeezy – Get Ya Mind Right

Name 3 food items that you just can’t live without.

Broccoli, coconut water, and dark chocolate.

Name 3 people who you want to train with.

Sophia Chang.

What do you think about when you run?

Playing soccer.

What did you learn today?

Activated Charcoal + Dairy = ?

Where do you go to get your health information?

Friends, the Internet, and documentaries.

Where do you go to get peace of mind?


If you had as much money as Richard Branson, what would you do with it?

Same thing I do now.

What gets you up in the morning?

My dogs.

What time do you usually go to bed?

11 pm.

How many days a week do you normally exercise?

Five days.

Your most essential appliance?


When was the last time you impressed yourself?

Graduating high school.

Registration is open for Virgin Sport San Francisco’s Bay half-marathon, Twin Peaks Mile, and a weekend of fitness, October 14-15 in San Francisco.

Register for Virgin Sport SF: Virginsport.com/event/san-francisco-2017

Facebook: @VirginSport

Twitter: @Virgin_Sport

Instagram: @VirginSport

Official hashtag: #VirginSportSF


MONDAY:2-mile warmup, 8 x 1,000 meters at 10K pace w/200m at marathon pace between reps, 1-mile cooldown
TUESDAY: Core + weights
WEDNESDAY: 3 miles
THURSDAY: 6 miles
FRIDAY:2-mile warmup, 3 x 2.5 miles at goal half-marathon race pace w/3:00 rest
between intervals, 1-mile cooldown
SATURDAY: 10 miles



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