UNDO celebrates International Yoga Day

How does one UNDO Yoga?

For many of us, Yoga is more than just poses and stretches. It’s breath and movement and every time we learn to breathe deeper, we find a new way to move, on and off the mat. To celebrate International Yoga Day, we caught up with our signature yogis on why they teach and how they grow as both the teachers and students.


Marco Salamat

UNDO celebrates International Yoga Day

The intent is to bridge the gap by encouraging diversity & eliminating the stereotypes of yoga to create a good vibe experience for the masses.

“Salamat derives from common dialects of the Philippines meaning “Gratitude” in connection with the Persian translation meaning health. Salamat Yoga was designed as a gateway to influence new demographics through immersive pop-up community experiences of gratitude & mindful movements.”


Jaculyn Whang

UNDO celebrates International Yoga Day

I grow so much in teaching and sharing this passion. My students teach me something I could never attain myself. It’s a community and that’s what I love.

“I love teaching yoga because it is something that got me through my hardest moments and gives me a space to think, feel, and be genuine. I love how I feel when I do certain sequences and poses, thus to give others a chance to make that their own is appreciated. I hope the yogis feel good as much as they looked good – in all shapes and forms.”

How Jaculyn Whang became 5thmindyoga.


Lacey Gibson

UNDO Celebrates International Yoga Day

My journey as a student carries on as I continue to learn immensely from each day and each place that I teach.

“I began practicing yoga five years ago while working as a summer intern in Colorado. At the time, I ran competitively for my university’s Division I track and cross country teams, and I had become accustomed to regularly pushing my body beyond its limits. In align with this mentality, I constantly strove to be faster, leaner, smarter, and better in all facets of life. When I arrived to the mat that summer, hoping to gain flexibility in my gym’s yoga class, the teacher’s message of “finding your edge” instantly resonated with me. For the first time in years, I gave myself permission to be at whatever level of strength, endurance, and mental noise my body and mind were at that day. I was instantly hooked to the sense of freedom and self-acceptance that accompanied me even after I left the class – so enamored with the sensation that I found myself returning to my mat nearly every day that summer.”

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