DTLA Guidebook by Tommii Lim

Tommii Lim blesses us with a wonderful guidebook for DTLA.

Downtown Los Angeles, also known as DTLA, carries true animation within its foundation which highlights deviance amongst its L.A. surroundings. Boasting architectural brilliance, clusters of restaurants to indulge in, and an endless supply of small businesses, DTLA packs the right amount of culture in nearly five square miles. With so much to consume and such short time in a day, a guide would come in handy when visiting. This is where Tommii Lim, DTLA based artist, has us covered.

Lim recently released his 2017 guidebook entitled District Book/DTLA, The Insider’s Guide To Downtown L.A. The 179-paged hardcover is packed with visions and imagery showcasing DTLA in its finest light, with Tommii Lim’s signature graphic approach drenched between the pages. Lim accompanied his release with a booking signing, detailed in the video above. For more on the guidebook, visit Lim’s website here, where you can purchase the book. The guidebook is also available on Amazon and The Broad Museum.



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