I’ve been seeing all kinds of body shaming on social media lately and since I have been injured and not been able to complete any weight training for a while I thought I would address all the haters out there who think that being fat or large or overweight (or whatever adjective one wants to use) is a problem, while at the same time addressing women (and men) who love their bodies at any size and don’t see a need to apologize. Let me start by saying that being fat is not a problem, health problems can come with it, sure, but health problems can burden anyone who doesn’t exercise. The people that do seem to have an issue with other people’s size often see it as an aesthetic problem, which proves that the only person with an issue is the body shamer, who, through different forms of media, has been socialized to covet a certain body type over another. There is nothing wrong with the person or people being body shamed on the internet and this is very important to understand and accept if people are going to be able to move on from the media’s attempt to create the perfect body. This brings me to plus size clothes and how one company decided to show them on their website.  The product photos contained smaller models showing off the clothes by fitting into only one side of the shorts or pants being sold. Now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve compared my body to others and wondered about how many people could fit in me or my clothes. Then this comes out and pretty much solidified my deep fear that I am double the size of most of my friends, classmates and strangers on the street. Why this brand thought this would be effective marketing is beyond me but they did. It’s bad enough that “plus size models” rarely are actually plus size, but this takes it to a whole other level, and I have a problem with it. If you’re interested in checking out this ridiculousness you can go here and see for yourself. Of course this website is not outwardly saying bad things about plus sized women, but they are perpetuating the stereotype that all women must conform to a certain standard and be a certain size. Other body shamers come right out and say horrible things about people and their weight. I discovered on twitter, that many people respond to plus size women in little clothing by telling them they are too fat to wear things like bikinis, leggings, crop tops or any other form of clothing that might make the shamer uncomfortable. While I already wear leggings, a lot, this spring and summer I am going to make it my mission to wear as much revealing clothing as possible, because I know I look good, and if anyone doesn’t like that, well, as I have said, that’s their problem.


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