UNDO celebrates International Yoga Day

Hugger Mugger yoga mats are entirely biodegradable

Major shocker: Hugger Mugger yoga mats are massively (inexplicably!) great for yoga. They are biodegradable, recyclable, lightweight, and maintain grip even during the most compromising yoga positions

However, using a yoga mat just for its primary function / purpose is thinking with boundaries. Thinking inside boxes, circles, polygons and shit. It’s not in my programming.

In my day to day, I am constantly reminded to find  finesse out of the un-finessable. And Hugger Mugger mats are the perfect Macgyver project for the Macgyver mind.

  1. Shower mat: Yes, slipping and falling is an unfortunate tendency (mainly cause I’m a squirrely dude), but these mat’s sticky bottom make for a marvelous way to not fall on your ass while you’re reciting Future scripture.
  2. Dog bed: Yes, dogs can enhance their practice too with the cushion-y Hugger Mugger mats.
  3. A furniture stabilizer: For when that damn Ikea BJURSTA table gets old and wobbly, let the Hugger Mugger grip hold it down.
  4. Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner mat: For when you want to lay down on the floor, eat a good meal and finish the next episode of The Night Of (great show, highly recommend).
  5. Arts & Crafts: Hugger Mugger mats are extremely durable and aesthetically beautiful (look at all those colors!) If you have a kid(s), the mat will become the canvas for their artistic masterpieces.
  6. Okay, maybe that last number was a stretch: But hey, just shows how versatile the Hugger Mugger mats can be!

    Photo of MacGyver standing in front of an airplane, smiling
    MacGyver Approves


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