Jerry Faulkner is one of the coolest and fastest guys in New York. Humble to say the least. He accelerates while not making you feel slow. That level of tact comes in the presence of a slender guy with a Cheshire grin that I was so honorably introduced to a few years back. On our first hang out, I asked him all these questions that I wasn’t sure to ask my fellow peer runners. They weren’t running 4:30 miles. They weren’t bringing home checks. Jerry does all that and you would never know because he isn’t out running for Instagram likes. He is legit running because he loves it. That attitude is respected and admired at UNDO and after Jerry let us know that he will be running as an elite runner this year’s TCS New York City Marathon, I hit him with a few extra questions to help spread the word.

When did you know you were fast?

Probably my fourth year of running in college. I was running 33 minutes or 5 miles my freshman year. Then my senior year I was running 24 minutes.

How good are you at math?

Math… very basic, but I took statistics and algebra in college.

What clubs and organizations were you a part of in high school?

I didn’t run in high school I played ice hockey and played golf for my high school team. I was goalie on my ice hockey team. And team captain my senior year on the golf team.

What was your favorite game as a kid?

Playing capture the flag or having a water balloon fight with friends. 

What do you eat for breakfast? 

I eat bread and toast and maybe a banana very light in the morning. Then after my run I have a big meal.

How often does your diet change or do you eat the same things daily?

I am running about 90 to 100 miles a week my diet always consist of protein and carbohydrates and calcium to prevent injuries from coming down the road.

We know you like beer, what’s your favorite kind?

My favorite beer… I’ll have to say Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Do you have rules for drinking when training?

After a good long run it feels so good to have a cold one. Also it helps with recovery.

What is the best part about running in NYC?

Running in Brooklyn around Bedford is the best part of the marathon. It’s exciting because so many people are on the street surrounding you while going down the road.

How many times have you completed the NYCM?

This marathon will be my fourth time. The last two I came in 29th overall in New York, also won my borough.

What does it feel like to race as an elite athlete this year?

All the hard work has paid off. A walk on from college is now a professional runner; running in his home city NYC. 

Use one word to describe the feeling in your legs after a race.


Are there any other races planned this year?

New York is the big one then Boston.

What does it mean to UNDO-ORDINARY?

It means being different; also having confidence in yourself. 


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