The Limonatta

Lottafrutta is a traditional Mexican frutería, located on a high-traffic corner of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. Myrna Perez, Lottafrutta’s founder and owner, opened the first of three Lottafrutta locations in 2009, and is poised to expand her fruit-based empire in the coming months.  Along with her skilled staff, each  decked out in “fruitologists” scrubs,  Myrna has created a sanctuary for fruit lovers, whether you’re a tropical fruit novice or an extra from Fruit Hunters.

The Lottafrutta’s fruit cup menu is the first clue to how Myrna fuels her highly intense work-outs. Of the five complex fruit cups offered, the Limonatta is a clear stand-out, and with good reason; it was the Limonatta that started Lottafrutta.

“Everything included in the Limonatta is there for a reason; each fruit has a beneficial property that’s perfect for supporting a workout.”

With its seven fruits, raw cut coconut and guajillo chili, the cup is an energizing, flavorful, nutrient-dense experience, reminiscent of Myrna’s sensory memories of home: sweet, salty, sour and spicy. “It reminds me of home and family, which both equate to LOVE.  I can’t live without either.”

THE LIMONATTA:  Myrna’s go-to fruit cup for pre and post workout

Eating fruit 30 – 60 minutes before your workout replaces and maintains glycogen levels that rebuild damaged muscle.




Rich in phyto-nutrients, minerals, and vitamin B, vitamin C.

Raw Coconut:

Rich in triglycerides and complex fatty acids with antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties.


Potassium. Vitamin B6 and C.


Antioxidants Vitamin A and C.


Vitamin C.


Antioxidants Vitamin A and C. Vitamins E and B6.


Antioxidants Vitamin A and C. Vitamin B6. Lycopene and amino acids.


Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Vitamin C.

Chile Guajillo: 

Stimulating and anti-inflammatory capsaicin.

Writer & Illustrator: Kristy Gomez of Soap Goods Creative

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