How To Supplement Your Health

I’m no doctor. However, I have been studying holistic medicine for the last 4 years and adopted practices to supplement my health into my life that are visibly healthy. I ask a lot of questions in order to find the answer.

If a doctor prescribes something with more side effects than the condition, common sense would tell you to consider a new physician. Big Pharma is cashing out on ignorance and the stakes are life and death.

As much as we scramble to find the answers and funds for healthcare, we often evade the natural remedies for man-made alternatives. While no other species in nature (aside from domesticated animals) seeks medical attention for every single ailment, we run to the pharmacy for almost anything.

We ask other people to tell us how we feel in our own bodies. We ingest things that we can’t even pronounce properly to save us from feeling pain.

It all seems insane, so I’ve gathered a list of everyday health struggles and how to combat them.

How To Supplement Your Health

Full print interview in UNDO MAG: Issue 7 

Photographer: Andria Lo


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