With spring and summer approaching and most importantly the music festival season soon to be upon us, it’s the time of the year when you are both ecstatic and euphoric about your commitment to your fitness goals and the gains or progress you’ve made. You could also somehow be wondering how January turned into April and trying to remind yourself exactly what your fitness resolution or goals even were while cursing Wendy’s for their tactical and effective 4 for $ 4 promotional sales campaign, and hoping somehow you can get it all together by May.
Even as someone who prides himself on being active and health conscious, I too have found myself in the position where you never really seem to taper off from the holiday feasting; indulging in all the good things that are now visible in the form of the fading definition of your arms, back, and abs. However, there still is hope for you and it does not include hours on the treadmill or subjecting yourself to near starvation. When it comes to shedding unwanted weight or fat, it’s almost always easier said than done, especially when it comes to wanting to only get rid of fat and build muscle.IMG_6800 WEB

Cardio Acceleration has become my go to when it comes to shedding. It is a technique that combines high-intensity cardio and resistance training into one fast-paced workout. So basically, you will be replacing your rest periods with 30sec-1min high-intensity cardio. After a set of squats, you perform 1min of cardio. This doesn’t mean you have to run to the nearest treadmill and sprint for 1min. Jumping rope, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, burpees, and step ups are some of my favorite remote cardio exercises to accompany resistance training.

It may seem odd or ineffective to do short bursts of cardio but these short 30-60sec bursts will add up to 20-30min of high intensity cardio once you have completed your entire workout. Twenty minutes of high-intensity training burns much more fat than 20-30 minutes spent walking on a treadmill. The high intensity cardio during your workouts will keep your heart rate elevated for the entire training session. You’ll burn more calories during the actual workouts, but more importantly, you’ll burn more calories after the workouts. Cardio acceleration keeps your metabolic rate higher, longer, even when you’re resting. In other words, you burn more calories during the workouts, but you’ll keep burning calories long after you’re done training.

Here are a couple of my favorite cardio acceleration workouts; give them a try on your journey towards your perfect summer body.


Chest & Back

Bench 3×10/ Step-ups 30sec
Incline 3×10/ Jump Rope 30sec
Decline 3×10/ Mountain Climbers 30sec
DB-Fly’s 3×10/ Step-ups 30sec
DB rows 3×10/ KB Swings 30sec
Pull ups 3×10/ Jump Rope 30 sec
Lat-Pulldown 3×10 Mountain Climbers 30 sec
Seated Row 3×10 Step ups 30sec

Legs & Shoulders

Squats 3×10/ Step-ups 30sec
Lunges 3×10/ Jump Rope 30sec
Leg ext. 3×10/ Mountain Climbers 30sec
Leg Curl 3×10/ step-ups 30sec
Front to Side Raise 3×10/ KB Swings 30sec
Arnold Press 3×10/ Jump Rope 30 sec
Shoulder Press 3×10 Mountain Climbers 30 sec

Photography by @_tivn


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