On our second day, we realized that time no longer really existed as the days bled together, sunsets mirrored sunrise and the team became more of family. This family was staring what felt like an endless desert in the face and not blinking. Not saying we weren’t shook, but we high key had no choice but to finish what we started. Even if you weren’t running by Day 2 you realized you had no idea what you had gotten yourself into. Each runner became water about the situation, formless, flowing, in perpetual motion, even when sleeping. Our water supply became our power source.  1907 made sure we were fully charged with their the all naturally sourced artesian water from New Zealand (Find them on IG @1907water).

As we got deeper into the legs we ran through a town so hood it’s geo tag was LOS ANGELES/AMERICA and it had a “dog warning”. This warning is exactly what you think it is, those of us in the van needed to follow the runner extremely closely and be prepared to handle dogs that may run after the runner.

Reflecting on the resilience and courage of every runner I saw step out for the UNDO team, these 10 women are all things awesome. Running into the sunrise the most quotable moment was as soon as Joanne (@joinmyroad on IG) got back in the van she was ready to go right back out and yelled “I don’t care, I feel better when I’m running”. Pure poetry in motion.





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