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The will to run comes from a grappling relationship between the mind and body, forever searching for cohesion and symmetry in the battle to push one’s endurance beyond preceding limitations. To many, the body’s endurance limit represents an obstacle not worth gasping for air over, but there are a select few who welcome the challenge of testing how far they can push their bodies extraordinary distances through difficult terrains.

Welcome The Speed Project, an ultra-endurance, 344-mile relay race from Los Angeles through the rigorous landscape of Death Valley to the finish line in Las Vegas. This year, March 10th at 5:00 am PST, more than 150 runners, comprised of 20 teams including three all-women teams, will experience a journey through the wild wild west to test their mind and body with this ultimate endurance race. The founder of The Speed Project, Nils Arend, is no stranger to what it takes to strive hard and push yourself to the limit.

Arend is the Chief Experience Officer at Optimist, an agency of thinkers and achievers who design powerful brand experiences inspired by culture and produced with technology and passion. At Optimist, Arend leads a 45-person production team to build 300+ projects and experiences every year. The highlights of his work include Daft Punk’s 2014 Grammy’s After Party and the Nike Fuel Band Launch at SXSW. Arend came to the idea of creating The Speed Project in response to the corporatization of running relays and foot races. Running with a group of daring runners, Arend wanted to recreate adrenaline-filled experiences so he came up with the idea of a relay race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, on a nonstop course to entice dedicated runners around the world. The Speed Project has been replicated through the terrains of Germany, South Korea, and Mexico.

UNDO will be teaming up with The Speed Project to deliver insta-stories and live footage from the 344-mile relay race this Friday. Followers will be able to look into the world of relay racing and see how these runners exercise their endurance through the rigorous path that lies ahead of them.


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