Rental car solutions for traveling to Los Angeles with Skurt at your fingertips.

It was my dad’s Chevy Camaro that pulled me in. We would work on toy models and I would casually peak my head in the garage when “Old Red” was acting up. I loved working on old cars, learning basic mechanics that are still impressive today. My first whip was an ’88 Mercedes C class that I’d race against the rice rockets in high school. I thought I was so cool. That was quickly stripped from my possession and replaced by a salvaged Nissan Sentra that I tried to removed from my memories prior to this post. In college, my parents surprised me with a Jetta that unfortunately blew up during the last semester of school. That resulted in me buying an electric blue PT Cruiser convertible that came fully equipped with a tape deck and manual transmission. Aesthetic over everything. I had a Christopher Cross cassette that I would listen to on repeat with the top down and a scarf on my bald head. I had one solid year with that car before it was parked at my parents and given away like tickets to a Kings game. I vowed to never buy another car until the time comes to shuttle a kid around. New York made this transition easy. I’m a biker, runner, walker and if I really need a car, there are quick and convenient options.

Nothing could have prepared me for the back and forth traveling between coasts that I have been doing this year. Three weeks in LA followed by two weeks in NY and other places in between. Thank God for Skurt. This is hands down the easiest way to get around LA and for the best price. Uber and Lyft are awesome options for one-way travel without materials but can be a real hassle if you need to make more than one stop. Last Spring, I was booked on back to back shoots and needed to pick up equipment and supplies, load in, load out and do it again the next day. Skurt saved my life. With options to pick up and drop off  directly from the airport, it’s a time and money saver. There was even a moment when I needed to upgrade my car to something with more room and I simply did it on the app. No calls with customer service, no lines to wait in. No hassle, at all.

Why is this content on a wellness site? Because time management and stress relief is all part of taking care of your health. I make it a big point to balance my time accordingly these days. Work can wait, especially if there is traffic on the freeway. Skurt, skurt.

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