What Is Skin In The Game?

Skin In The Game is a weekly documentary-style podcast (docucast), about sports culture. The podcast brings in some of the nation’s premiere athletes, college coaches, sports entrepreneurs, and leading academics to discuss the trending topics in the world of sports. Our goal is to expand the mindset around those who participate in sports and how. Gender testing, Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, and even locker room talk, are all issues we’re tackling this season.

Episode One: The Good And The Bad In Locker Room Talk

Episode One of Skin In The Game explores the controversy of Donald Trump’s locker room remarks by diving into first-hand accounts of athlete’s good and bad locker room experiences.

Part one of this two-part episode interviews athletes from across the country who have played sports at various points in their lives. Through their shared experience, we identify when locker room talk goes from bonding to crossing the line. The answer might surprise you…

Episode One Guests

Wendell Mathews; founder of Physical Wealth

John Skipper; musician and activist 

Show Notes

‘No-Gay Thursday’ — Another Horrible Chapter of High School Sports Hazing, Bob Cook via Forbes 

Gunslinger Excerpt: No Love Lost, Jeff Pearlman via Bleacher Report 

Episode One Podcast


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