get your life back

When was the last time that you have set time to do something for yourself?

It is amazing how some simple activities can actually help you gain back or increase your energy, momentum and even your emotional and mental health. Not many people realize how much their physical activities affect their overall health positively. During early signs of depression, it is wise to consult a doctor right away. However, there may be some activities you would want to try out first too in order to get your life back. A new environment or a new thing to break away from a usual routine can change your mood or just increase your level of happy hormones to put a smile on your face once again.  You deserve to be happy and most lifestyle experts advise that people must take time for themselves once in awhile in order to lead happier lives.

The common factor among these three activities is to be able to get you away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city or simply the busyness of daily life. There are great benefits to reap from taking short vacations every once in a while. You will be able to clear your mind, breathe fresh air, and appreciate the surroundings as evaluate your life.

Thankfully, there are some activities that will help alleviate and prevent depression without medication. The main idea is for you to actively fight out of the condition. Studies also show how beneficial being active is to our overall makeup and disposition as a person. These 3 simple but really helpful activities will get you out of a depression while also improving your physical and mental health.

  1. Try out a new sport

You may think that this suggestion is completely out of question for you since you’re not into sports much, however, being ‘in the game’ is a really effective way to lift up your spirits and take up a more positive attitude. Learning a new sport will develop and train your mind to focus on achieving a goal. Sports can also teach patience, perseverance, and resilience. A sport will also develop socialization through teamwork and coaching in you. This will help you also to express your thoughts and emotions through proper channeling. Not to mention, the primary benefit of participating in sports is improving your physical health and physique. The most common sports that many people try when feeling a bit under the weather are basketball, hockey, gymnastics, and football. Others like boxing and mixed martial arts that can help you vent out pain, stress and any anxiety.

  1. Camping for Getting Your Life Back on Track

Nowadays, technology has brought us into an entirely new era in this world. While it has improved our lives in countless ways, it has also brought unnecessary stressful changes to some people. Being glued to the couch to watch TV, stuck in a rut of proving everyone one’s social media account and not to mention the demands of keeping up with what’s new and the latest technological updates to stay relevant are just some of the negative effects of going way too digital. The best way to combat these negative effects is to move out of its world altogether and start to be surrounded by nature once again. They say keeping the body strength is also a way to keep the mind and soul strong. While camping out, being able to see the sun, playing out in the grass and among trees and even setting up a DIY tent from camping tarps will be refreshing for anyone. You could also learn critical skills through camping such as social skills when competing in a game or letting out emotions and opinions during a night around a bonfire.

  1. Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sound sleep may sound simple than the other activities mentioned here, however, it may be the most helpful of all for you. Research shows that people don’t get enough daily exercise as much as they get enough sleep. Even if a person spends most of his or her time outdoors or exercising, without sleep, the weight and height of depression would be the same. Currently, it is still advised for you to be able to get at least eight to ten hours a day to keep your brain functioning in a healthy state. You would be surprised at how much getting enough hours of sleep can have a big effect on your outlook on life as a person. The logic behind it is because of the rest that is given to the mind so that in the morning after, you can wake up with excitement and enthusiasm with a little help from happy hormones.


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