Vivian Shih is a Los Angeles based artist, illustrator, and sometimes writer. A regular contributor and avid support of UNDO. North Hollywood Arts District’s gets decorated.

The city council of North Hollywood worked with 11:11, a non-profit organization that supports artists and their community in the the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, to beautify 10 street boxes in the Arts District: Vivian was one of the 10 artists asked to paint. ( The boxes are all based on “Movement”.

Thinking it would be cool to tie in art with the UNDO’s “go out and get moving” culture with her experience, Vivian expresses how great it was for an artist who generally works indoors to paint outside using her entire body – being mobile – to step up, down, walk around, and back away to check on the painting progress, getting close and gettin’ low for the details.

She thanks her boo Sean Ghobad for his help while working on the art. 




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