Los Angeles art staple Tommii Lim has returned with another mark on the city. This time, he leaves his signature black-and-white lines on the Belzberg Architects headquarters in Santa Monica. Simple and precise, yet striking and passionate, the four-mural installation covers all sides of the building. The highlight of the them all is “Spacetime,” a three-dimensional mural where pedestrians on Main St. can “step into Lim’s universe as if engulfed in a three-dimensional warped vortex blob and experience the painting from all angles, head to toe.”

The installation is a beautifully minimalist depiction of Lim’s vision and interpretation of the world, focusing on using lines to create movement. The collaboration between Lim and Hagy Belzberg, head of the Belzberg Architects firm, is meant to showcase the ability of both artist and architect to create aesthetically pleasing public spaces that can be enjoyed and seen by all.

You can get to know Tommii Lim more by reading an interview from when we caught up with him last year.

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