Right after my 35 birthday, I had one of those mornings. The deadly “I just woke up after not so much rest” front camera selfie moment that instantly turns into a pap smear of the pores; I’m pulling both ends of my face apart, examining every single crease and line. Cursing myself for smiling so much throughout my life while rushing to get ice for my face like I lost a 12 round heavyweight fight the night before…it was a mess of a morning.

A few days later, I sat in the waiting room of the Blue Medi Spa, anxious for a consultation. The “not so” scarlet letter. The “no-need-to-even-notice” elephant in the room, because everyone has had it done but nobody is really talking about it until someone else is; then it’s okay.

You know?

Okay. So I’m in the waiting room going over my laundry list of questions. How many sessions? Needles? What exactly is this substance? What is this procedure that has all these women looking like pointy, bloated cats because I definitely don’t want that? As the doctor shakes his head in laughter, I ask my final question:

What would you suggest I get done?

To which he replied, “Honey, with your melanin, all you need is a good facial every 6 weeks & you’ll age like silk” aka black don’t crack so save them coins!

My skin has always been oily & mildly sensitive to every single product so figuring out where to get a facial perfect for my skin was a daunting task. My next option was finding a skincare regiment I could maintain myself as often as necessary to keep my tone balanced & completely clear. Until now, I’ve always kept it pretty simple & glamour-less: white dove soap & vitamin E oil. The Activated Charcoal Clay Mask by Rocky Mountain Essentials has been a great second step in my newly formed regiment to bring all of the dirt to the surface & really keep my pores clear.

The use of charcoal for medical purposes is not new, but the current trend has brought the use of activated charcoal into the home as it is an ingredient in many household cleaning products, teeth whiteners, and now skin care products. The carbon in the charcoal is infused with oxygen so it is safe for human ingestion & skincare use. The oxygenation creates a porous surface, maximizing its ability to absorb toxins. As the most absorbent cosmetic ingredient out there, activated charcoal is an ideal ingredient for oily and acne prone skin types. It is generally used to draw out impurities, heal pimples while preventing future breakouts, and is also an anti-aging ingredient said to tighten pores & smooth skin.

The days after I used the charcoal mask the for the first time, I felt silky smooth, but every single blemish was shining through loud & clear. Flawless skin is indeed a process so after trying it for a second time five days later, I started to see great results. My skin feels supple to the touch with zero dryness & my tone is definitely on the brighter side. I wouldn’t recommend using it every day – perhaps once or twice a month depending on your skin IQ – but it could definitely be a great addition to any regiment you currently have in place. The anti-aging properties appeal to me most, and I can definitely say I am feeling tighter in the face sans any surgical intervention. Score!

Rocky Mountain Essentials Activated Charcoal Mask, you get two deep, front camera selfie ruining smile lines from me. Try it out yourself here. Enter Code: GMB10 for a 10% discount.


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