The realm of health food can be a scary realm. Especially if you’re like me and you’ve spent the majority of your life addicted to fast food, there is no real place to just drop your diet and get started on a new foot. We at UNDO are always on the lookout for new places that want to spread good energy and more importantly, good food. Introduce yourselves to Wild Living Foods.

Located in downtown Los Angeles on the corner of 8th and Main, Wild Living Foods is a fully organic, plant-based restaurant with an atmosphere that is paralleled by few others. Walking into Wild Living is a different experience from any other restaurant you may have encountered. Their tiles and architecture refer back to the style of the pueblos inhabited by Native American communities. My first walk-in to Wild Living had me greeted by a tall man dressed in what appeared to be a manta, in a similar style to the restaurant itself. Of course, while the environment is something to behold in itself, the food is just as unique.

Everything at Wild Living Foods is vegan-friendly and prepared at under 118º to keep all the nutrients and enzymes inside the ingredients “more bioavailable and nutrient dense.” A quick glance at their menu will show a colorful plethora of foods that sound familiar. How about a lox bagel for breakfast? Substitute that brined salmon for smoked carrot but keep all the usual components like the Irish cream cheese and then couple it with an almond quinoa bagel and you get an order that will be good to your body and your taste buds.

For my first sit down, my friends and I shared the basil pesto pasta and the Aztlan quinoa bowl. The pesto is freshly made and coupled with kelp noodles, then topped off with pine nuts and cherry tomatoes to give the dish texture and add more layers of flavor. The Aztlan comes stacked with organic corn salsa and pumpkin seed chorizo, in place of traditional Spanish pork. Wild Living is true to its name, taking familiar foods and using wild ingredients to the utmost of their imagination to create a dish worth talking about with your friends. For those who are seeking healthy sweets, Wild Living Foods has you covered too with their case full of great flavors of gelato made with coconut milk. With free samples and flavors such as cookies and cream, matcha blueberry, and almond butter chocolate, there’s no reason not to go.

Not only do we cosign Wild Living Foods but we are happy to see that they cosign us as well! If you’re impatient and also looking for a meal to keep you up, you can walk into Wild Living and buy yourself a copy of UNDO Magazine and save yourself the shipping cost and time. With a wide menu to please all tastes and welcoming faces, a walk or drive could be just what you need. Come replenish, repair, and nourish at Wild Living Foods.

Photos by Audryana Cruz.


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