UNDO-Ordinary has always been about getting people active and making wellness accessible for everyone.

We were never big about record finishes or hanging out with people with elite speed. We’ve been solely focused on the idea of practice, knowing that it takes time and repetition to get better at anything.

We started running in New York almost 6 years ago after realizing that our friends were missing a space to connect in the most organic way. It was less about networking and more about actual work. It was never about having, it was about taking advantage of what we did have. The streets were our playground. Goal oriented meet-ups with like-minded individuals. It became our lifestyle, lover, and therapy.

One year later, we blossomed as a platform and it happened fast. Cycling, yoga, a magazine, collaborations, partnerships – it all started to strip away time from what we came to do. We got busy trying to be better and we stopped running with our friend. Now, I put myself in the center of this because I’ve been a part of UNDO since the beginning, but I also look at trends from a very sensitive lens within society. Things often shift in phases and patterns. People get bored, restless and antsy. Like waves, we found our purpose, passion, and positioning through ripples in life. I surely found mine through this process and watched many of my peers do the same.

Back in Brooklyn, I lived across the street from a school. Every time the bell rang for lunch, the kids came running. No matter the weather. Funny, when I talk to adults now and they tell me that they don’t run. These are healthy humans with no real health issues doubting the nature of their very existence. If disaster strikes, you will run. Why? Because it is in our nature. So in every effort to try and help you get prepared for a natural disaster or when the zombie apocalypse happens, or just life period, we have gone back to our nature and decided to hold open runs in the streets again.

Join us in Brooklyn Heights and Downtown LA for 3 miles every Tuesday and Thursday. Meet at 7AM, leave at 7:30AM sharp.

More on our events page or Strava.com.


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