Playing With Your Food: Harvest Bar

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, you would know that Acai bowls have been making a strong presence in people’s everyday lives. Just went on a hike? Grab a bowl. Wanna get a refreshing lunch without worrying if it was too heavy? Grab a bowl! All over the West Coast, you can see superfood bowl shops opening everywhere. Harvest Bar, located in Sherman Oaks, has various options from sweet and fruity bowls to savory bowls. Believe me, these bowls could turn a meat eater into a vegetarian believer.

The freshest ingredients you can witness yourself

First impression of the shop? Clean, I mean super clean. Not a doubt in my mind that I would be eating anything but fresh. They make it all the dishes in front of you so any type of skepticism is instantly thrown out the door. Those flashbacks of going to Subway and making sure they didn’t put those tomatoes on my subs came back while I watched the friendly worker make my food, only this time I was instantly pleased with my food other than a cruddy sammy.

The Cuban Bowl in all its glory!

Last Tuesday, I got the chance to try out Harvest Bar’s Cuban bowl. A meatless take on marinated meat accompanied by black beans, greens, and creamy avocado salsa on a bed of quinoa. Where was the protein you ask? Jackfruit, one of my favorite superfoods. The texture of the jackfruit was incredibly similar to shredded pork, I kid you not. I completely forgot I was eating a vegan meal!

When I first thought of a vegan bowl, I instantly thought this meal was going to be a big disappointment, leaving me hungry and unsatisfied. The outcome was drastically opposite, leaving me full and amazed that I’d been bamboozled on a meatless meal. Harvest Bar has done a great job introducing healthy alternatives to meals for those looking for a better diet.

Photos by Patricia Manlucu


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