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In search of the best vegan skincare money can buy

When it comes to vegan skincare products that work, the options are quite slim. Yes, I can make my own skincare, but there is so much labor that goes into such short shelf life. I like to keep things simple and use one product for everything. When I finally got over my royal coconut oil wokeness, I started to test out brands and do some major investigative research.

I’d like to go on the record to say that I hate a lot of things about the internet but can not deny the benefits of the beauty and health research available. Imagine if we were still solely depending on books to be published for data and relied only on the news for information. Laugh, out, loud. Some nights I go on a four hour Youtube beauty spree discovering new things about my 4C low-porosity ebony hair. It’s education that I can’t get anywhere else but from a light-skinned 17-year old girl in Rayville, Louisiana who spends all her money at Sally’s Beauty. I rock with chicks like this heavy, they do the work for me.

Skincare is a tricky thing. It’s a combination of your hygiene, PH balance, absorption, habits, and so on. Coconut oil can’t fix all of that, it’s amazing but it does not do everything. Let’s put a rest to that lie right now.

Last month, I was on a panel for a conversation about humans in the branding-age created by a good friend of mine named Jasmine Takanikos. Our discussion was on authenticity in identity and part of a larger series entitled Brand Human hosted at Soho House globally. Alongside me was Mary & Melissa Le Gassick, the sister team behind Osea. Pleasant people from first sight. That’s a big one for me. They began to talk about the authenticity of Osea and how their mother raised them with this lifestyle and skincare regime. I immediately looked at their skin. It looked amazing.


The sisters were kind enough to send me the entire Osea collection and I’ve been working the products into a practice. One thing for sure is that my face feels more moisturized throughout the day. I often get dry on the lower half of my face and that tightness has begun to fade since using these Osea products. I absolutely love the pull and tingle from the Red Algae mask, it actually feels like it’s doing something. Hate when you pile a bunch of junk on your face and dirty your bathroom for some lackluster mask results. I’m almost a full month in and I’ve yet to have a breakout of any kind. I’m also on the cusp of my menstrual cycle and the coast is still clear. That’s very rare.

Currently working on a rating system to express my admiration or dismay for certain products. I give this feeling a


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