an open mic free form night for the romantic

expressionist to feed and be fed.

live poetry curated & hosted by thee def sound

soundtrack provided by ommmmm soundsystem

We’ve created something special for you.

Something special to feed the romantic expressionist living and breathing within you.

We also ask something special of you. We ask you to step outside your routine and flow freely into the space that exists within your wildest imagined dream. Flow into the space that allows you to be your most vulnerable authentic transparent brilliant intellectual creative self sharing your gifts with the world.

The mic is just as open as your mind allows.

And the people are a lot like you, searching for more while collaborating collectively to create a desired reality.

Every Wednesday we will gather to revel in romantic expression of mind & speech and body & movement.

Join us. If you dare.


act I: 8pm-11pm

act II: 11pm-2am


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