For just $14.99, one can be the owner of the Sphynx Portable Razor, a product that has mastered the goal of form and function in shaving.

Beauty products have long struggled to find themselves at the intersection of form and function. However, in the shaving department, one company may have created the perfect product. For just $14.99, one can be the owner of the Sphynx Portable Razor. On the outside is a deceptively simple, hard plastic shell with a dial and the word “Sphynx” embossed on the front. A pop of the cover on the top will reveal its inner mechanism, a wheel that contains three essential shaving tools: a refillable water spray bottle, a pre-shave bar made from a blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter that also doubles as a moisturizer, and not one but two razor blades. “Built for smooth” and meant to “run where you run,” the Portable Razor is not meant to replace your everyday blade but instead is meant to be stored for emergency, whether you choose to store it in your car, in your gym bag, or at work.

Form and Function

What makes the Portable Razor such a thoughtful product is its adherence to the tenets of form and function, compressing the needs of shaving into a single, compact egg no bigger than the average hand. On the sides of the outer shell are small openings which are meant to let the razors breathe when being simply stored. It is also clear that Sphynx has done its due diligence to create a truly convenient razor. A single glance at the inside of the product will help one see that it utilizes a single blade razor instead of a multi-blade one.

More than likely, more people are used to multi-blade razors because they are often the ones utilized on razors at home. However, Sphynx’s rationale for using single blades is that hair, dirt, and oil can get stuck between the blades. Since this is truly meant to be a portable product, it makes sense that it avoid the step of shaving where people would usually empty the hairs and deposits that get into the blade into a sink or a trash can at home.

For its price tag, it is hard to argue why the Sphynx would not be worth at least a try. Not to mention, for only $7.99, one can purchase their Razor Refill Pack which contains four more razors as well as another pre-shave and moisturizing bar. Although Sphynx is not a household name yet, it should certainly be filling backpacks, purses, and bags everywhere soon.

Photos by Audryana Cruz


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