Pat yourself on the back America, you now want everything natural and by any means necessary. Seems well and good until you get into those tricky areas where hair grows like under the arms and genitalia, you know, the smelly areas. Sometimes “all-natural” doesn’t seem to take away all of the natural odor away. Natural deodorant either works or doesn’t work. There is no in between. With so many options on the market we have made it a point to share our take on what is on the market.

Freedom Deodorant is frank with their marketing, be healthy and not stinky. Blended for a smooth application of natural essences and scents that are luxurious and not tree hugger scents. The product line features five exclusive scents fused with natural ingredients that are also good for the body including amber, lavender citrus, frankincense peach, and bergamot mint.

“Freedom was created when my three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer and their doctor recommended using natural products on their bodies especially deodorant, I listened, but I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked, so we created Freedom! We wanted to make natural normal …. effective, great smelling, good looking products that WORK!” – Ira Kaganovsky-Green, CEO/Founder

If your deodorant is missing some of these valuable ingredients, maybe you should reconsider your natural options.

Shea Butter – magic for the skin

Coconut Oil – Healing anti-inflammatory

Bees Wax – Protects and works as a skin healer

Baking Soda – Natural Deodorizer

Tapioca Starch – Contains a significant amount of B-complex vitamins

Kaolin Clay – Cleans and cares for the skin, nourishes and soothes different skin types


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