5 Natural Amazon Beauty Products That Work

5 Natural Amazon Beauty Products That Work

In honor of SKIN MONTH, we put together a list of natural beauty products that actually work.

Tired of influencers never telling you if natural beauty products actually work? This listicle includes natural beauty products that are all available on Amazon.


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I have used each of these products for well over a year now and have seen personal results that mattered enough to write this post. Stop letting influencers with a bunch of products tell you lies about things they have never even tested.

Stay beautiful out there people. I know I’m trying.

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Aztec Secret Healing Indian Clay

This goes under the cabinet with the alcohol and peroxide. Every kiss begins with Kay and every home should have Bentonite Clay stashed away somewhere. Just for emergency purposes like when you need to detox the body, this baby works both internally and externally. Made from volcanic ash, it is popular for its cleansing power on the face, relief from bug bites and eczema and can even do wonders on the gut, if taken properly. If you don't know, get to know.


DoTerra Essential Oils

Natural is in and oils are the key to activating your sense of smell as a tool for wellness. Problem is, not every oil is made the same and most are not extracted properly for consumption. DoTerra is the brand doing it right and all of their oils embody the pure essence of their host. This Deep Blue Rub is all of that on the body like Icy Hot but natural. Almost like you are wrapped in a wet stick of spearmint gum but in a comforting way, not slimy. Used this on the relay race to Vegas and it is a life saver. No need to walk around in pain. Upgrade your recovery.


Freedom Deodorants

So many natural deodorants on the market but only one has caused me to take apart the container to scrape remnants out the bottom. This deodorant is legit and holds up against the real competitors. It's so hard to be vegan and conscious about your skincare yet also not smell like a hamburger in the process. Freedom is onto something new and I like it. They also have fragrances that make sense but don't have you smelling like an air freshener.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil

My mother has used castor oil for so many things including making us digest it when we were sick and putting it on topically for just about anything. Jamaican black castor oil, however, is made for the hair. The ricinoleic acid (also called omega-9 fatty acid) and omega-6 fatty acids in Jamaican black castor oil help to improve blood circulation to the scalp, which helps hair to grow in those areas. Put some on your edges and watch them fill in nicely along your hairline. Got a thinning brow? Brush a little in at night and wait for a difference. If you see one let us know cause all I really know about is the hairline, scalp rejuvenation but people seem to put it everywhere to give their follicles a little boost.


Osea Malibu

It works. Simple as that and it's not something like Proactive. Remember when that steroid was big on the market? Osea is a seaweed-based skincare company founded in Malibu and actually worth every penny of the cost. You know when you get to the bottom of a bottle and you add more water to it to get the coating on the side off? I do that every time because it is that damn good. Hi have hyperpigmentation after any scar, scratch or bruise and this has been the only product that has helped clear that up. It is now a serious part of my system to keep this face cute as I get older.


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