It’s no secret that music is my life. As a DJ, TV host, artist, and many more hats that you probably don’t see, everything I do involves music. Whether it’s touring internationally, curating music for brands or producing a new album, music surrounds all I do.

Before music became the precedent, I was an athlete. A junior tennis star. I began playing tennis at age 9 in Northeast Philadelphia and continued to train and compete until age 17 – the year I choose to quit tennis and pursue music. I would train 4-5 times a week, then compete on the weekends. That was my life for many years. At age 12, I was ranked #1 in the Tri-State.

The marriage between athleticism, discipline, and drive with music is something I can speak on. Here are a few of my tips on music and how it can influence you no matter if you are an artist or athlete!


1. Jazz Music is Great for Concentration

Remember in high school when we learned how listening to classical music helps when doing math? Well most of us aren’t sitting around doing math. We are on our computers all day designing, directing, emailing and multitasking. Being a DJ, I can’t listen to music with lyrics while concentrating on business. I get too distracted and my ear automatically zones in on the song. However, I’ve found jazz music to be the perfect background music as I am still able to focus.

2. Confidence is Key for Creativity

Whether you’re an artist looking for new song material, or an athlete trying to re-strategize their game, you have to own your confidence to think creatively. You can’t have any fear; you can’t be afraid of mistakes. Creativity is all about pushing yourself into the unknown, breaking past all you know to discover something greater. Allow yourself to be confident in your new thoughts.

3. Balance in Life Equals Longevity

As artists / musicians, we tend to obsess over our craft for long hours, maybe without eating, sleeping, or traveling all the time. It’s not to say that musicians in the past haven’t created amazing material while neglecting their bodies. It’s also fact that most of them passed away before the age of 35. Burning out is real. No matter what, neglecting your body at a young age will not end well. Balance in your art, health, relationships and life will ensure longevity. It may not be easy, but if you’d like to live a long healthy life, it’s necessary.


Writer: Jasmine Solano


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