This weeks #MOVDAY is a mix of the classics sprinkled with some new school. Check out the collab put together by UNDO’s two interns, Jen and B.

I wanted to highlight an “on the rise” artist and combine them with my personal taste that I thought y’all might like. Lately I’ve been rocking with BROCKHAMPTON, America’s best boy band. Seriously though check em out, they put out three albums last year–Saturation I, II and III. They rap about racial stigmas and what it’s like to be a boy growing up in a society that tells you to “man up”. Led by Kevin Abstract, BROCKHAMPTON are redefining the NSYNC / Backstreet Boys stereotype of “boy band”.

It’s a beautiful day in Santa Cruz, California, after work Imma skate to the beach with the homie, Paxton, to soak up some sun. Hope to see y’all out there.


– B

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