Original lifestyle architect and self-appointed arbitrator for the Millennial Generation, Marquis Phifer muses on what it means to always be on the hustle.


  1. Procrastination is your only competition. Make her gracefully bow out!
  2. Stop chasing “stars” and start chasing checks! You are running the wrong race.
  3. Just because one door closes doesn’t mean the entire building is locked.
  4. Make history first. Then, share your wisdoms to the world. Individuals are putting out quotes they don’t even live by!
  5. Never let them see you break.Cry under your pillow and sheets, but keep that shit in-house. When you stand, stand tall!
  6. We were called to be something more. Answer the call and accept your calling. Awaken those dreams, those unshakeable talents — it’s time for you to RISE.
  7. There is only one rule: Get paid for your work. This is the difference between
    a hobby and building a brand.
  8. Too many people are fans of themselves. Too many don’t work enough to carry their ego or a following. You have to work for it. That’s a big load homie!
  9. Show me your partner and I will show you your future. Fight for true love; don’t settle. And look extraordinary in the process of waiting…
  10. I had a vision and I wanted to be successful so I surrounded myself with those people. I look rich, but I work like a broke person.
  11. Prepare your minds for action. Think. What voices are trying to hold you back? If the voices don’t line up with your vision —BYE!
  12. A man without a hustle is worthless.
  13. Trials, tests, problems will come at us for the rest of our lives. Good news: we were born for this. That is a fact.
  14. Dreams inspire movement so start moving and break free of living in bondage. We are “CAN do people”. This isn’t our job, this is our life. Empowerment starts with us.
  15. Let’s create monumental moments, and international upgrades. Stay building — Bridges –Doors –Opportunities. We don’t do things FOR approval, we do it FROM a place of approval.


Writer: Marquis Phifer // Photographer: Alfonso Sjogreen


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