Molekule Purifiers: The Air We Breathe

The inhales and exhales that fuel your body as we reset our bodily systems operate off oxygen. What’s really in our air?

If you sleep about 8 hours a day, you’ll have clocked up 2,920 hours in one year. All of those inhales and exhales that fuel your bodily organs operate off of oxygen. So the important question is: how clean is our air? We set off to explore the award-winning air filter, Molekule.

You may have scrolled past this beautifully-designed device a few times on social media, but most of the time—it’s sold out. What makes Molekule so different from traditional air purifiers on the market is that it actually cleans the air. Believe it or not, most air purifiers on the market operate off HEPA filters and simply trap a lot of the pollutants within the machine until you remove them.

The devices on the market not only traps and cycles particles from your air but what’s worse is that they “claim” to remove 99.9% of air pollutants that are bigger than 0.3 microns. Problem is, many of the pollutants that cause health problems are often smaller than 0.3 microns. For example, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are emitted as vapors or gases compound into long-term harmful effects. Size-wise, they’re less than 0.001 microns. Viruses on the other hand, fall just below the .3 micron minimum at 0.001-0.1 microns while bacteria ranges 0.1 to 100 microns. Of the bigger pollutants, mold varies anywhere between 1 to 100 microns and pollen 10 to 100 microns. Majority of these pass right through HEPA filters and stay in the air we breathe. The worst part is that as mold and bacteria are collected on your filter, they are still alive and can grow during this lovely gathering. Which means: while your filters are operating, these multiplying pollutants are escaping back into the air through the device. This is probably what your current air filter is doing to your air. Take a deep breath. What do you think you’re actually breathing?

The designers of Molekule set out to reinvent the air purifier because they realized how flawed our current air filters were. The Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) Filter is Molekule’s patented technology, which works at the molecular level to eliminate indoor air pollution. It specializes in completely destroying all pollutants instead of collecting and re-distributing them throughout your home. PECO uses a light-activated filter to destroy pollutants at a molecular level 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filters (0.1 nanometers versus 300 nanometers), leaving the air as clean as it should be. The idea stems from the use of light waves as disinfectants and sanitizers for other objects, so why not your air? With this technology, Molekule effectively eliminates airborne allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs at the appropriate size. Finally, a breath of fresh air!

Just as we inhale to reset our body and we exhale to rid ourselves of natural toxins, we should trust that our air purifiers can do the same for our spaces. If you’re someone who’s all about the facts, visit Molekule online to review all the studies, science, and proof of PECO nanotechnology.

The Molekule filter is available for $799 and the replacement filters are $129. Find out more about this home innovation at

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