Melody Ehsani Makes Her Mark In NYC

Melody Ehsani debuts her first NYC store in the heart of SoHo. 

As the first woman to design a Reebok Pump, Melody Ehsani is a multidimensional force in the world of design. A natural researcher with initial dreams of becoming a lawyer – Melody Ehsani’s start in the world of design was far from traditional. As a Los Angeles native with Iranian heritage, community has always been a big influence on Melody and continues to be a main focus of hers. She uses her surroundings as influence for her designs, taking inspiration from the women she admires to create practical, unique pieces.

As a designer, Melody Ehsani is always on a quest for inspiration – the root of the creative process. Escaping her industrious home of Los Angeles into nature helps for her creative juices to flow. Frequent indulgences into different environments and cultures are a couple indicators of ME’s inner researcher at work. For her, it’s not always about discovering the new and what’s to come, but uncovering the inherent beauty of what is. The inspiration you find as a creator is just as important as those by which you are inspired; the people who push you to be the best you that you can be. Attracted to authenticity, Melody is most inspired “by anybody who really inhabits themselves[…]people who are in their purpose and it’s obvious by what they do.”

“I feel free in NYC. As a creator, the energy in this city really supports me, especially when I’m pushing against all my own inertia’s and creating something new.”

Earning the “first woman to” title is no small feat and one that invokes much respect upon its holder. Since entering the world of firsts in the sneaker industry, she’s seen a significant shift in the ​shrink it and pink it​ ideology in regards to designs for women.

We caught up with Melody about what’s changed for her and what’s to come.

Melody Ehsani Makes Her Mark In NYC

How has the Internet changed your hustle?

I kind of started my business on Myspace, so from jump it’s given me a direct to consumer platform that didn’t really exist before. For me, it was instrumental because it meant I didn’t have to succumb to tradition and go the wholesale route.

How has the game changed since you started? 

Two of the most obvious things I can think of are Instagram and ComplexCon. Things have really shifted from the perspective of the old gatekeepers in that the industry lost a lot of their power when designers and brands developed the ability to directly speak and sell to their consumer.

How does NYC culture inspire your designs?

I feel free in NYC. As a creator, the energy in this city really supports me, especially when I’m pushing against all my own inertia and creating something new.

What is the one thing about female empowerment that you want to elevate or change?

I would love for us to get deeper. It’s definitely a trend right now, which is a great thing. But we need to get deep together by creating real connection and like minded communities that help to wake one another up to the realness of our situation.

How do you UNDO-Ordinary?

I try to create history as opposed to repeating it.

This article was published in collaboration with The Girl Mob.


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