Los Angeles Local Legend, Rachel Graybill

In celebration of Women’s History Month, UNDO is focused on highlighting female trailblazers in sports. Today we’re covering one of our very own, Rachel Graybill. A former runner at the University of Hawaii, Graybill would be on the cover of Runner’s World three times as a professional runner, athlete and coach.

Running was in Graybill’s blood ever since she turned 11. After beating the boys at a 1000m race in elementary school Graybill was hooked on the running bug. Running became Graybill’s “golden ticket” earning her a scholarship to the University of Hawaii where she would meet running legend, Bart Yasso. But Graybill didn’t stop there, she would continue to run her way into the Olympic Trials, pushing her limits on the red tartan track.

Today as a mother and businesswoman, Graybill still incorporates running in her everyday life. “Now That we have our daughter, Basia, I truly feel that now more than ever, we have this mission to share our lifestyle not only with her but to show other families with kids and careers how we fit in fitness.” Graybill still continues to race twice a year and uses the same workouts she used during her time as a professional athlete. The best part? She still makes the same time splits.

“I truly feel like nothing compares to how I feel when I’m running. It’s like you’re flying. The running never disappeared, it becomes a part of you.” – Graybill


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