Image of three blue pointe studio socks hanging from a house plant
Photos by Jarrett Shelby

It’s a common hassle: working into the bridge pose during yoga, only to see the bridge burn down due to foot slippage.

Pointe Studio saw the problem, and like many of their fitness-based products, they found a singular solution.

Introducing the Point Studio ‘grip sock’. Inundated with specks of rubbr PVC grip loaded on the bottom of the sock, they help reinforce sturdiness and grip the floor when your foot or body cannot do more. Watch your bridge pose become stronger than the damn Golden Gate with these socks.

You can use these socks during pilates, weight training, pretty much any situation where you don’t wanna pull any risky business. I hear they are great for usage during Barre class. However, for myself, I employ the socks for when I use my standing desk at the office. I understand that there’s nothing fitness-related to my usage, but hey: the floors are slippery as hell, y’all.


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