With locations popping up all over California and picture perfect branding, we had to find out more about Juice Served Here. We caught up with power house juice and beverage company to get more insight on their fundamentals of wellness and business.


What’s Juice Served Here’s north star mission statement, and how did it get its start?

In the beginning there was never a traditional corporate mission statement. What we started with was more of an idea that stood very closely between integrity and a passion for quality. It was the desire to create the best product on the market and provide it to as many people as possible. We noticed that there is this really interesting polarization that was going on in the world of pressed juice and to a larger degree in the health and wellness sector. There was this whole cluster of companies out there that were falling on either side of this vast spectrum of both quality and experience. We saw this as an opportunity to provide amazing and dynamic products in an engaging environment that was approachable for everyone.

How does JSH differentiate from all the other cold pressed juice spots?

First and foremost it’s our products. We set out with this idea of being “Never Conventional.” It’s our mantra in a way. Every aspect of what we do is looked at with the desire to do things differently, better, cleaner and in a more engaging manner than what we see around us. It’s what drives us to be the best. From our recipes, to the design of our stores, to where we source our produce, to the people that stand behind our company. Our approach is different. Health is what we strive for and style is something we live by. We want you to be inspired by our brand, and we promise to NEVER be CONVENTIONAL.

What void does JSH fill in the market? Or does it just do it better.

We pride ourselves on our juice. It’s our namesake. We source local and organic ingredients and put a huge focus on better farming practices and are working towards a non-GMO certification. All of our juices are completely raw and bottled in glass to avoid any BPA’s leaching from plastics. Outside of that one of the main things that we offer is a culture in an addition to our amazing juice. There are a lot of really impressive juiceries out there that can bottle something great but don’t support it with an engaging environment. We set out to make all of our locations a “third place.” It’s not home. it’s not work. It’s that place you go in between where you can meet up with you friends, or bring your laptop, or just simply relax with a juice and a magazine and enjoy yourself. It’s a Daily Ritual that you can really feel good about.

Whats it like when you step into a JSH store? What’s the feeling and food you want your customers to experience?

I would say the first thing that strikes you is the design. I feel that it’s a happy medium between Scandinavian, modern Japanese, and an almost mid-century styling. Visually, JUICE | Served Here is clean and minimalistic. Stark whites, matte blacks and a hint of our pantone orange are juxtaposed with natural marble and wood elements to create a simple palate that lets the color and tone of our juices shine. Eliminating the overburdening of the senses sets the customer up for a much better experience. With raw materials, clean lines, sculptural elements, and full-length bars; we’ve really gone after breaking the mold for the stale façade of todays typical juice bar. Beyond that, the culture is paramount. We want people come walk into our locations knowing that they are about to see a few of their best friends. Each shop is focused on representing and supporting their locals. The idea of supporting the surrounding communities by holding our “Locally Grown” and Charitable events has been huge for us. It gives each location a character and a purpose all it’s own.

Your packaging and decor is so eye-catching. Tell us the story behind your aesthetic.


Your packaging and decor is so eye-catching. Tell us the story behind your aesthetic.

Oh man. We worked super hard on this. In a strange way the simpler and cleaner you want something to look, the harder it is get. I don’t know if that makes sense. Our founders Alex and Greg worked with Bleick Studios to create our entire branding aesthetic. Everything from the bottle and label design to the menus and logo. With respect to the spaces themselves, we partnered with Barbara Rourke and Jason St. John from Bells & Whistles to come up with the store designs. They are so innovative and amazing and actually won retail design awards for our first two stores. Once you set foot in the door, you get it.

What is the 5-year goal with JSH? Can we expect more shops across the nation?

We are really looking to grow our presence in Los Angeles at the moment. We have our first location in Newport Beach opening on the Balboa Peninsula in April and will be expanding to Las Vegas and Northern California by the end of the year. We have plans for national distribution in the pipeline but no dates have been confirmed yet.



Q&A: Logan Horsley

Images : Ja Tecson 


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