LaLaLå! Jivamukti Yoga Los Angeles Reinvents Yoga

Have you ever been to Jivamukti? You most likely walked past it in Union Square at some point. Known as one of the biggest international yoga communities, you can travel anywhere in the world and practice at one of their centers. The best news is that they just opened up in Los Angeles under the name La La La!

I attended one class when I was in New York last year via Zenrez after years of strolling past the studio. The visit was interesting given that my previous experiences to studios were Yoga To The People, Yogaworks and Y7. All extremely different studio cultures. But Jivamukti left me wanting more—mainly because the class is full of hands-on adjustments by their teachers and the physical openness I felt after my class unlike any other.

I generally feel uncomfortable with chanting let alone singing mantras in a foreign language sanskrit but managed to bring myself to a place to embrace the auditory sensation of the class joining in song. But I managed to shift my mindset and dedicate this time in the beginning of class to sit cross-legged and adjust my seated positioning to elongate my spine, practice timed deep breathing, all while letting my ears receive the vibrations of the chants.

On the bright side, it’s still a relatively new studio so the classes are small, so that means lots of time for adjustments. Each adjustment offered me new knowledge for each pose that sticks with me every time I practice. The tiniest shift in the hip, or adjustment in your position can create so much space and offer the opportunity to breathe into those areas in the body. It’s under the professional supervision of their amazing instructors that my yoga practice has exponentially deepened since visiting their studio.

Their newest location is in the heart of the Arts District in LA, in basically a yoga-studio desert. The center has ample parking, with sunlight flooding the high-ceiling studio. The growing jungle of plants offers not only a calming reset to your eyes but really offers you a calming sensation unlike most yoga studios. The placement offers you an opportunity to check in with the lively greenery almost every direction you turn while on your mat.

Depending on your teacher, you’re offered essential oil infused lotion during the start of your practice and during Shavasana at the end of class to add an element of aromatherapy. So really you’re not only practicing yoga physically but you’re offered a sense-based reset all around within the studio.

If you’ve never been to a Jivamukti studio, I’d say try it twice. Once to try it, and another time to decide whether you like it. Their warm community of instructors and students are so welcoming and encouraging, offering you more than just a pass to a yoga studio but an entry into a learning community.

Pricing @ La La La Jivamukti LA
$23 for single drop-in
$35 for 2-week unlimited (this is what I signed up for)
$165 for 10-class

Lalala is located at 421 Colyton St
Visit their website here for more info. Hope to catch you in class one day!


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