Jaeki Cho’s new $6.99 Per Pound Podcast

6.99 per pound podcast

$6.99 Per Pound Podcast

Cooked and served by the inquisitive duo of Joanna Park and Jaeki Cho, $6.99 Per Pound is a weekly podcast that features interviews with professionals from a wide-range of fields and communities, much like the diverse options found in a NYC deli.

The name of “$6.99 Per Pound” is what Jaeki remembered as the price when he was an 18-year-old cashier grinding at an actual hot food buffet.

Get inspired.

Can we share valuable intel?

Can we showcase people of color in diverse fields?

Can younger versions of Jaeki and Jojo listen to these hour-plus episodes and feel inspired?

Deep thoughts brewing. Subscribe and listen to $6.99 Per Pound.


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