Inside The Bridge Mind Body Movement with Pam Johnson

Finding a space for people to heal and be comfortable within their mind, body, and soul has been a journey for Pam Johnson. Johnson, the owner of The Bridge Mind Body Movement, created The Bridge in order to provide people in need of physical, spiritual, and mental healing. At The Bridge, one can go through a full run of schedule classes, both public and private, as well as create their own wellness program to their liking. UNDO spoke to Johnson to dive deeper into her journey towards building The Bridge.

Why did you decide to name the space “The Bridge”?

I named the studio The Bridge Mind Body Movement because we offer a variety of classes and modalities that allow our clients to have a space where they can explore and experience a way to find  “The Bridge” or connection of the mind to the body. Our goal is to help create a balance of structural, spiritual, and energetic alignment. We are also conveniently located between The 6th and 7th street Bridge in The Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

What or who inspires you?

I am inspired by the human body and all the ways it can move and naturally heal. It is why I opened up the studio. I wanted to house a space where someone could come in and create their own personal wellness program and not have to drive to numerous places to achieve it.  It doesn’t matter how many years I have been teaching or how many certifications I get, I feel like the more I learn about the body, the more I don’t know. It is so complex and yet so simple. It inspires me to keep learning. I am inspired to help teach and spread the word that through specific movement and body work, there may be an alternative to taking drugs or getting surgery.

Owner Pam Johnson

Where do you see yourself and The Bridge five years from now?

In five years, I see us fully established in the community, I see us expanding to facilitate certification programs and weekend retreats, and I see myself continuing to feel blessed to wake up every morning loving what I do.

Can you share a moment that inspired you to keep pushing towards your goals?

I was teaching a Pilates session in a private, converted warehouse in DTLA when a Cooper’s Hawk flew in and perched itself on a beam right above me.  It was huge and beautiful. It sat there for at least an hour, staring at me before it tried to find its way back out.  We eventually had to open up the skylight to set it free.  Even though I knew that it was a bird of prey, I was not threatened or scared. I had an overwhelming feeling that it was there to visit me and give me a message. It was very soon after that visit that I made the decision to open up my own studio.

The Deck at The Bridge

What does UNDO mean to you?

UNDO to me means to unwind and let go of unwanted patterns so that a path could be cleared for new experiences.

The Bridge


Take a visit to the studio! 1820 Industrial st. #102B Los Angeles, CA 90021


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