Brooklyn-based performance brand ICNY Sport was founded on the simple principle that one does not have to sacrifice style over safety. For its Spring/ Summer 2016 drop, found and designer Michael Cherman drew inspiration from his life in San Diego and his transition from California to New York City. ICNY continues to increase and improve functionality by using more technical fabrics, featuring materials such as waterproof soft-shell membranes, four-way stretch ribstops, and unique meshes – all tried and tested for the warmer months. The vibrant touches of red and light blue represent the San Diego sun and ocean border of the Pacific, while the label’s signature reflective treatments and polka-dot patterns can be seen throughout.

Check out ICNY’s spring/summer 2016 collection below and look to purchase any items from icnysport and select retailers worldwide starting February 29. 

Photos: Brian Tampol / Direction: Nai Vasha

Models: Miah Kidd, Ryan Coleman


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