It’s the new wave. Every brand has some type of activated charcoal product on the market aimed at reaching the undereducated yet super trend-forward consumer with a heightened level of newness.  Why activated charcoal? Known for its detoxifying benefits, charcoal has been long used in hospitals to draw poisons out of the body. The human body is unable to absorb charcoal and therefore acts as a vehicle to remove toxins from within. So why is everyone using it everywhere else? Charcoal has also been known to have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and whitening benefits which puts it at the very top of new shit that you have to try.

All-natural rising star Schmidt’s has carved a special place in this oversaturated marketplace with three key products powered with the benefits of activated charcoal.

“We prioritize ingredients that are derived from nature.  When developing our formulas, we look to innovative botanicals and mineral-derived ingredients that are packed with healthy benefits for our bodies. Everything we produce is manufactured without harming any animals, and we never purchase ingredients from suppliers that test their products on animals — Schmidt’s is committed to staying certified vegan and cruelty-free. Schmidt’s Naturals products are always free of aluminum, propylene glycol, SLS, PEG, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, artificial flavor, artificial colorants, and artificial sweeteners.” – Schmidt’s website 

I was skeptical at first. I’ve tried a few different things and have never been wowed enough to go back to that product and give it another go round. I currently have two jars full of activated charcoal products that I literally look in the face every day and refuse to open. Never been the type to be motivated enough to make a mess of things for “detoxification” purposes. Let’s not act like this stuff isn’t a disaster to work in powder form. This is one reason that brands have started to add this ingredient to many familiar products. When I decided to embark upon this journey I reached out to almost twenty brands. Schmidt’s responded immediately and without a single hassle. Packages came fast and with very little waste.

Instead of being a basic and only giving this product a couple tries, I decided to make these a part of my life for the entire month. Every morning I washed my body, brushed my teeth and dusty my pits with activated charcoal. Here are my thoughts on a month spent detoxifying my extremities with the help of Schmidt’s.



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Never looked at a bar of soap in such an analytical way. Definetely left me a littlle dry, which has more to do with my after shower care than during shower but nonetheless, it didn't offer much of any moisture which is so vital during the cold seasons and satisfying during the warmer days. Not my favorite product but if you are in need of a bar of soap, this will totally suffice.


This has made its way into the daily routine. The mouth feels fresh and my teeth feel clean, all day, which is huge for me. Did not leave my mouth dark in any way. Effective, which is all you can really ask of toothpaste. Love this product.


Great product overall. It keeps the smell away but the wetness stays. Not sure if that is what I want from my deodorant but for a natural choice, it keeps the odor down. Starts to show its wholesome sides towards the end ad the product begins to break down but I used it to the very end.


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