Subscription nutrition with a little extra.

These past few years, the public has been consuming products at an exponentially faster rate. It almost seems as if these products are stored in a warehouse located right behind your front door. From home goods to groceries, it was only expected for other types of products to start creating subscription-based services. You don’t even have to be looking for it but monthly subscriptions for your everyday items are advertised all over the city, and from my own personal opinion; it could be really overwhelming to figure out if any of them are worth the monthly commitment.

HUM Nutrition has added a more personalized feel to their products. Adding a short consultation with their own nutritionists. They believe that a simplified regimen makes for better habits, and hey, simple is better for me. I had a chance to sit down with HUM’s veteran nutritionist, Athena, to give me a face to face consultation. From a guy’s standpoint, at first, I was a bit skeptical since usually when “consultations” happen, a lot of us are always roped into purchasing the most expensive items the company is selling. But this experience was the exact opposite!

The HUM team asked me just a handful of simple questions pertaining to my day to day living, how much stress was related to work or just everyday life. With my answers, they concluded that I try out three products for the first month. From other regimens I’ve tried, I was listed numerous products, so many that I felt like I was ingesting more powder than food itself. Clearly, this type of diet can’t be that healthy for you. HUM, however, simplified so much for me with these three simple products. Daily Cleanse, for detoxing my body from this city’s delicious yet dangerous food joints. The OMG bottle for my digestive system and lastly, HERE COMES THE SUN bottle for energy.

I don’t know about you but most of the mornings are a super struggle trying to get out of bed. The HUM team advised me not only to take these three products but gave me a piece of mind. First, take a large glass of water in the morning and chug that bad boy, hydrating my dead body from the night’s crazy dream adventure. Secondly, take the time in the morning to close my eyes, and breathe deeply.

With such an easy integration process in my new three product plan, and a new zen feeling in the morning, HUM has substantially changed my everyday life.

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