The current ethos of health and fitness trends has been an awakening to the earth – and to ourselves. This isn’t so much of a craze but a calling against the trends and diets of the past –  strip our foods of the unnatural and fuel our bodies with the basics nature intended; ground ourselves in a physical connection to the earth and carefully balance ourselves within it’s sometimes overwhelming energy. In other words, forget the fad diets of yesteryear, the Slimfast of long ago, and be wary of too much social media consumption. Go raw, do yoga, stay woke.

1297460307298_originalBehind this trend is a deeper holistic philosophy around energy transfer: that we need to be aware of what kinds of energy we bring into our bodies and minds…as well as what we need to keep out. Processed foods have wasted nutrients that create negative effects on the body. Yoga expels the toxins we breathe in from the urban air surrounding us. You get the idea.

So while energy management might sound like nonsense to some, considering how swell 2016 went and all the awesome energy it brought into our lives (sarcasm),  taking care of  the energy surrounding your body and mind are going to be essential in 2017. Maybe even on a molecular level. 

Have you heard of a thing called hydrogenated water? 
Hydrogenated water is a beverage that is hydrogen rich and carries lots of antioxidants. Because of this boost of hydrogen, some scientist believe that hydrogen water can reduce cell damage, slow down the aging process, increase performance, speed up recovery, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce lactic acid build up, and even heal and repair our bodies quicker. According to this research, hydrogen water has the ability to boost energy to an entirely new level. Bring on the electrons, right?

But lets get down with our inner cynical New Yorker selves for a moment: anything that serves as an all purpose fix for everything is nothing short of the second coming, right? Well, first it is important to note that hydrogen water is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. But if its so great, why hasn’t anyone heard of it? Turns out, we don’t know that much about hydrogenated water because most of the research behind it is fairly new and still underway. However, some published studies believe there are many broad benefits to be gained from its consumption. UNDO had the chance to meet with the founders of HFactor – a hydrogen rich water full of antioxidants – on a mission to enhance people and the planet.

“Usually [these sports beverages] have fructose and chemicals and sugars and caffeine and all of these unhealthy things. To have something that could potentially deliver so many benefits to people just seemed phenomenal to me.” says HFactor co-founder Gail Levy. Levy is a serial entrepreneur whose curiosity around the idea of hydrogen water led her to Japan, where she spent time speaking with the leading scientists studying in the field,  igniting three years of
her own R&D research behind the product (you can check out some of the U.S. based research and benefits of molecular water here).  

“It became a passion of mine….it’s interesting because we are the first to bring it to the United States. We hope that as other people try it and enjoy the benefits and it will continue from there and will become just as popular in the states.”

HFactor is also disrupting the environmentally disturbing effects 0f water bottles by providing an award-winning, environmentally conscious aluminum packaging, designed to preserve the hydrogen in your water until you are ready to rip it and sip it. The packaging can be also be reused or recycled.

Interested in learning if hydrogen rich water has an improved effect on your performance? Check out HFactor’s website or purchase your first six pack on Amazon today. 


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