Hoping to stay cool during rising temperatures this summer? As many of us crank the air conditioning up some will have a few niggling doubts. Memories of a poorly performing air conditioning unit come rushing back. Will it hold up for the another summer? Or will it fail during the hottest days leaving me at the mercy of the emergency repair service? It is easy to put booking a service appointment on the long finger, but all things considered this is a risk best avoided. Consider the following


Air Conditioning – how big will your next AC repair bill be?

Left unattended minor problems sometimes result in bigger repair costs further down the line. Repairs if needed are not only inconvenient but can be costly too. Some reports estimate a national average emergency call out charge at over $300. That pain will smart even more if your AC repair technician helpfully points out your broken unit was also responsible for pushing those sky high utility bills. But this is a scenario easily avoided

Why a well maintained air conditioning unit really is the smart move

Skip scheduling air conditioning maintenance and you risk hundreds of dollars more in repair money lost. For no upside. What? Yes, not only does annual maintenance reduce risk of high repair bills, it also offers improved comfort and more efficiency too. That means you’re getting better results for less energy. Lower utility bills and lower risk – now that really is a smart bet.

Not only will regular maintenance prolong the life of your unit, it will allow a regular predictable cost and perhaps most importantly regular maintenance can give you long-term peace of mind you are getting the most from your AC unit.


Do the homework – selecting the right maintenance company

First ensure your provider has relevant experience. Look for certification appropriate to your local area – many states now require HVAC professionals are properly qualified and insured before they are licensed. Licenses mean contractors are fully trained and are EPA compliant. Compliance with legislation is important for householders wishing to remain compliant with their home insurance terms. These details matter.


As well as checking for certification homeowners should look for references or testimonials from previous satisfied customers. Favor any references or testimonials for work carried out on similar AC Units to your own. It is recommended you also compare service contracts, qualifications and experience levels from at least 3 service providers in your area.


Follow the basics – fix the common problems for best results

Always ask. Although the common recommendations fix the most commonly occurring problems and are well worth following, your maintenance technician will be able to offer advice specific to your particular AC unit too. Follow these recommendations as part of a regular check and you’ll know all common problems have been avoided.


Keep your unit clean, dust free, and filters clear from any obvious debris. Check any drains from your air conditioning unit are working and are unobstructed. Outside, where possible, check for shrubbery or other outside obstacles that might hinder airflow. Ensure units are well sealed, and watch out for tell-tale signs such as leaks, unpleasant smells or unexpected behaviour like your unit switching on and off repeatedly. Your technician will have recommendations for simple checks specific to your cooling system easy that take a moment to perform.


It is also recommended that you keep thermostat and timers well adjusted to your usage needs throughout the changing seasons. Following these simple steps can help reduce your energy consumption and ultimately ensures you will get more from your AC unit.


Don’t leave it to chance – schedule regular appointments

Most good HVAC contractors will offer a maintenance plan with scheduled maintenance plan with a comprehensive fully itemised check-point list that each service will include. Maintenance plans can also include insurance against equipment failure covering cost of replacement parts and/or guaranteed price ceilings and favourable rates in case of emergency AC repair. These maintenance packages offer a manageable and predictable approach to regularly scheduled and affordable maintenance plans.


Predictable maintenance costs – the easy way to stay cool

An efficient cooling system and predictable payment plan for maintenances costs are the easiest way to avoid expensive repairs allowing you to stay cool all summer long


Performing simple routine checks and inspecting for any common problems is advised. It is also recommended you keep your air conditioning properly maintained. Consider a scheduled maintenance plan. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician will help ensure better long term efficiency, lower utility bills, and fewer AC repairs over the lifetime of your unit.

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