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In a town where wellness is the word, new Angelino and chef Lynnette Astaire navigates the weird world of working out in LA and shares what she eats to fuel her journey.

Fitness was a big part of my family growing up – in fact going to the gym with my parents as a child are some of my fondest memories. Oddly enough, the rowing machine was a pinnacle of my 12-year-old gym life. Between that and the pool table, it was all a tween could ask for.

Except they never had candy at the counter.

Fast forward 20 years later and as soon as I saw the 2 big bowls of Tootsie Rolls at the check in counter of Planet Fitness, I knew this was going to get interesting.

From the “no personal training” signage on the walls to the trademarked “Judgement free zone” plastered all over the place, they seemed to be serious about body shaming in gyms which can ruin a workout for sure.

Well, all I wanted was a place where I could use the 5 machines that I can’t replicate with my home routine – at a price so cheap if I never went it wasn’t as much of a waste.

And Planet Fitness was that place (plus it was closest to my house). At only $10 a month, I could use the hip adductor and that’s it. For an extra $9.99 a month I could also use something called the Full Body Enhancement – but I passed.

What seemed most valuable however was the design your own program session with a trainer. When it comes to fitness I don’t really want a trainer – I’m not training for a triathlon nor am I looking for major body transformations.

…but it would be nice to make sure I’m “doing it right.”

Although the personal training part wasn’t what I expected for a freebie, I didn’t expect Ninja Warrior training. I filled out a questionnaire stating my goals “ASS + ABS.” Then for about 15 minutes, another new member and I watched her demo the machines…and that was it.

Despite the underwhelming session, Planet Fitness was an ok place to work out. The place was impeccably clean and not too crowded. With such a low price I expected to see a mix of “all walks of life” and I was not disappointed. There was the standard mix of fit and fat with a few folks working out in jeans but seeing the over 60 set out getting their sweat on was the most beautiful thing.

But in the end, I declined the membership due to the fact that the 12-year-old in me really, really wanted a place with a rowing machine 😉

With the help of https://helpfulhabitat.com/best-rowing-machines/, I got myself a rowing machine for home and cut back on my gym fees.


We at Planet Fitness are here to provide a unique environment in which anyone – and we mean anyone – can be comfortable. A diverse, Judgement Free Zone® where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built.

Who it’s for:

Those who want to work out and then get out. Also good for people who travel a lot since there are tons of US locations.

Who it’s not for:

Personal trainers. Also not the place for networking or the “see and be seen” scene. Tootsie Roll addicts will likely have a problem here as well, lol.

What I ate:

Leaving this gym was the easiest since I was always on my way home. I mostly worked out during the day and that week I was working on a bottle of my Rebound Ranch dressing that I’d blended. Get the recipe here.

Live lynnette recipe

About Lynnette Astaire:

Lynnette Astaire is a chef with 15 years of plant-based cooking experience and 10 years of fasting experience who healed her chronic disease through diet. She is the founder of Superfood School, a plant-based meal prep program that helps everyday eaters to get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously.



Illustration by Chrissy Curtin


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