A Foodie In Fitness: Hot Barre

In a town where wellness is the word, new Angelino and chef, Lynnette Astaire navigates the weird world of working out in LA and shares what she eats to fuel her journey.

Let me preface this post by saying I’ve never “worked out” past 7 pm.

I’m definitely a morning, mid-day, “get-it-out-of-the-way” kind of girl but when my friend Linda invited me to try an 8 pm Hot Yoga Barre class, my body was surprisingly unbothered. In fact, we partied after and I danced so hard (in heels) that I think evening exercise is totally do-able.

What’s not do-able, is the class itself.

Although I love the idea of a heated workout, I hate what it makes – sweat and body odor from anyone, from anywhere, in the closed space. Between the passed gas combined with the smell of various laundry detergents plus my own funk I was definitely sure that I wouldn’t be back, forget the free week.

Other than that the hot yoga class was…cool, not literally of course.

This class really mixed it up with three separate parts of the class. Even though I’d never taken the class it was easy to keep up with the changes which got a bit challenging, which I loved.

The barre work reminded me of ballet back in the day and our teacher Devon was a high energy redhead who got major bonus points for remembering my name without me ever saying it – (and for saying I was doing well!) The core work was kick ass as usual but most of the leg work consisted of things that I do at home although I did pick up on a few new moves to work into my routine.

“Hot Yoga Barre is a dynamic fusion of yoga, body sculpting, barre work, and non-impact cardio designed for developing long and lean muscles. This hour-long class is packed with toning exercises that sculpt the buttocks, abdominals, thighs, and arms. The class is filled with strengthening postures at the barre working legs and abdominals fused with yoga postures on the mat to release and lengthen from the barre work. It will also improve your posture and form a sculpted physique. Hot Yoga Barre is an intermediate level class practice in a room heated to 104-109 degrees.”

Who it’s for:

People who like to sweat

Who it’s not for:


What I ate: 

Post workout I was understandably more thirsty than hungry so after chugging a liter of water, we stopped at Trader Joe’s and I grabbed one of their pre-made salads, the Cranberry Almond Grain Medley which hit the spot at around 500 calories and 23g protein plus a bottle of flavored kefir.

About Lynnette Astaire:

Lynnette Astaire is a chef with 15 years of plant-based cooking experience and 10 years of fasting experience who healed her chronic disease through diet. She is the founder of Superfood School, a plant-based meal prep program that helps everyday eaters to get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously.



Illustration by Chrissy Curtin


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